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Amir Farjam - Didi Chi Shod

Amir Farjam has collaborated with Avang Music record label for his new music video “Didi Chi Shod” which will soon be released Exclusively on Stay tuned for the World Premiere!

Mehrbod - Hypertraxx

We are very excited to announce the release of the 50th episode of Hypertraxx Called #heart & #soul
Hypertraxx started as 30 minute mixes of some of Mehrbod's favorite EDM tunes. He was one of the first Iranian producers to start a podcast and teamed up with his long time friend Amir of so his podcast could become available to the masses. 

Throughout the years, the mixes became more and more elaborate and have evolved and received rave reviews from fans and attention from industry veterans like Roger Sanchez and Nadia Ali. Mehrbod was introduced to Nadia Ali when he found out that she was an avid listener of Hypertraxx. From there, they established a friendship and Mehrbod now produces all of her live shows and works on remixes, mashups and various producions for her.
Hypertraxx has listeners from all over the world that are looking for new and unique tracks mixed with nostalgic beats. Mehrbod has had incredible opportunities to DJ at some of the greatest clubs in the world and has producted tracks for artists such as INNA, Quinten Mosimann, Nadia Ali, Larry Tee and Chris Garcia to name a few. As Mehrbod evolves as an artist, Hypertraxx has also continued to evolve. 
For the 50th edition of Hypertraxx, Mehrbod wanted to create a special mix for supporters of the podcast and instead of one mix, he put together two mixes called Heart & Soul. Mehrbod has always had a passion for mellow and melodic beats and all of his mixes start off mellow and build into more aggressive big room beats with big drops. Heart & Soul highlight two very different styles of music. Soul runs at 122 beats per minute and is perfect to listen to while driving, at the beach or by the pool. Heart runs at 128 beats per minute and is full of surprises - mashups, fast mixes with big room drops and beats that are meant to get your heart racing. Perfect to party to or for a hard workout at the gym. 
Mehrbod has been working on Hypertraxx 50 for months now, tweaking it to perfection. He is excited to finally share it with the world.
He is also happy to have the amazing Burton Gray design the cover for this special occasion. 
Mehrbod wants to thank all of you for your support over the years and for all the love, amazing comments and overall encouragement. 
A big thanks especially to his Bia2 family for all of the love and support they have given him over the years. Here’s to another 50 mixes!
You can find Mehrbod on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud. Have questions? Email him.

25 Bands - Az Pisham Miri

25 Band’s new music video “Az Pisham Miri” will be Exclusively Premiered On this Monday at 10am LA time. This will be 25 Band’s second work with Avang Music following a series of successful hits! Stay tuned for this amazing new video on Monday!

Shakila - Bi Sarzamin (Coming Soon to Bia2)

We are proud to announce that Shakila will be releasing her latest work “Bi Sarzamin” Exclusively on Bia2 on August 1st. “Bi Sarzamin” will be released under Taraneh Records and it promises to be in instant fan favourite! Stay Tuned!

Shahram Solati - Negaran (Music & Video Coming Soon)


Following many successful recent releases such as “Honey (Remix)" and "Be Salamat Yaram”, Shahram Solati has finished his latest music and video “Negaran”. Stay tuned for the release of this awesome track and video by Avang Music record label soon on Bia2!

Shahryar- Morghe Baghe Malakout


Shahryar is set to release his latest work "Morghe Baghe Malakout" Sunday July 27th. Stay tuned for the World Premiere of this new video, Exclusively on!

Arash Ft T-Pain - SLR (Sex, Love, Rock & Roll) (Music Video Coming Soon to Bia2)


Arash has finished shooting and editing “SLR” (Sex,Love,Rock & Roll) alongside T-Pain! We won’t give you much detail… Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Arash & T-Pain's “SLR” this Friday on the One and Only,!

Amir Shahyar - In Manam (Coming Soon to Bia2)

Amir Shahyar is one of the busiest artists today, inside Iran! He has just put the final touches on his latest track which is rather different from his latest works. “In Manam” is a slow song, but we are sure that the song will capture lots of attention from Iranians worldwide and become an instant hit!  This track features lyrics by Amir Tataloo and Niloofar Hosseinkhah, music and arrangement by Shahin Khosroabadi and the electric guitar is performed by Masoud Homayooni. Stay tuned for the release of “In Manam” in the coming days on the One and Only,!

Xaniar - Cheshmaye Royaei (Coming Soon to Bia2)

Xaniar is set to release his newest track “Cheshmaye Royaei” very soon on Bia2! This track features music and lyrics by Xaniar himself & Amirali Bahadori, arrangement by Xaniar & Amir Milad Nikzad and of course mix & mastered by Sirvan Khosravi! Stay tuned for the release of “Cheshmaye Royaei” on!

Alishmas will be releasing his latest single “Hamnafas” Ft Donya & Masoud this Thursday July 24th on! “Hamnafas” features music and lyrics by Mehdi Jahani and arrangement by Ferrico. Stay tuned to for the Exclusive release by Avang Music record label.

Alishmas will be releasing his latest single “Hamnafas” Ft Donya & Masoud this Thursday July 24th on! “Hamnafas” features music and lyrics by Mehdi Jahani and arrangement by Ferrico. Stay tuned to for the Exclusive release by Avang Music record label.