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Hamid Sefat - Che (Coming Soon to Bia2)

Check out Hamid Sefat's promo video for his upcoming music video “Che” which will be released by King Records on this September 7th!

Feriyal - Sobhaneh (Coming Soon to Bia2)

"Sobhaneh" will be the second work of Feriyal with Avang Music record label! We are happy to announce that this unique music and video will be released on Bia2 on September 12th! Stay tuned for more info!

"Port 98" With Your Host DJ BORNA (Coming Soon to Bia2)

We are proud to announce the addition of a brand new Persian podcast by Bia2’s very own DJ BORNA! The new podcast is titled "Port 98" and it will feature Persian Top Hits, old and/or new! Stay tuned for the release of "Port 98 Episode 001" this Saturday, August 30th on Bia2! 

Valy - Bia To Ashegham Bash (Coming Soon Exclusively to Bia2)

Valy is set to release his newest music video “Bia To Ashegham Bash” with Avang Music record label on! This latest hit features lyrics by Amin Bamshad, music by Arash Nasiri & Valy himself, while carefully produced and arranged by K.O! Alex Ferra has also directed this video for Valy. Stay Tuned!

Shervin Ft Armin - Irane Man (Coming Soon)

Shervin has prepared a new hit track titled “Irane Man” featuring Armin. It will be premiered on Bia2 very soon. Stay tuned for this hit track along with the music video which will be released by Avang Music record label!


Azad - Atr E Mardouneh (Coming Soon)

Azad is a talented new artist who’s last work was well received from music fans. He has now put final touches on his new music video “Atr E Mardouneh” which will be released by Avang Music record label exclusively on & PMC TV. Stay Tuned!

Leila Forouhar - Khayli Hasasam (Coming Soon To Bia2)

The beloved Leila Forouhar has finished recording her latest music video “Khayli Hasasam”, and we are proud to announce that Bia2 will be Exclusively releasing this music video for your viewing pleasure very soon! Like before, Leila Forouhar will be releasing her new work with Avang Music record label. Stay tuned for more info! (Meantime, Check out Leila Forouhar's full music & video archive —-> here

Sandy - Bacheye Ziad (Coming Soon to Bia2)

Stay tuned as we will be releasing yet another one of Sandy's masterpieces this coming Sunday, August 17th. We promise you that “Bacheye Ziad” will be one of Sandy & Shahram Azar's biggest hits.

Omid - Khosh Ghadam (Coming Soon to Bia2)

These pictures says it all! This Friday… STAY TUNED!

Mehdi Jahani - Chatreto Beband (Coming Soon to Bia2)

Following the successful release of many new tracks, including one for Alishmas, “Hamnafas”, Mehdi Jahani has prepared a new dance track for himself titled “Chatreto Beband”. Stay tuned for the release on Bia2!