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Afshin - Gheire Ghanooni (Coming Soon to Bia2)

We are proud to announce the Exclusive Web Premiere of Afshin’s newest music video “Gheire Ghanooni” by Taraneh Records on in the coming days. “Gheire Ghanooni” features lyrics by Amin Bamshad, music by Afshin himself and directed by the legendary Siros Kerdouni. 

Listen to “Gheire Ghanooni” on Bia2 in the meantime and stay tuned for the music video!

Mohammad Mobini - Zendegim Ba To (Coming Soon)

Mohammad Mobini is a dear friend of Bia2 and an extremely talented artist. Following the success of his last album which was released in single tracks, he has two upcoming works before “Norooz”. First, “Zendegim Ba To” which promises to be an instant hit; arranged by Mehran Tajik, lyrics by Sahar Kazemi, mix and mastered by Ramin Mazaheri at Studio Baran and of course the music is by Mohammad himself. And, right before Norooz another music and video which you will really enjoy!

Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Mohammad Mobini's music and videos only on Bia2!

Join him on his official facebook fan page by clicking on the below picture.

Ahmad Saeedi - With You (Coming Soon to

Following the success of his latest album and music videos, Ahmad Saeedi has prepared yet another new hit music and video titled “With You” which will be released very soon Exclusively on! “With You” features music and lyrics by Ali Kashi; arranged by Milad Hashemi and directed by prominent music video director Alex Ferra. This audio and video will be under Avang Music record label. Stay tuned for the release date, only on Bia2!

ASHKAN’s New Track Coming Soon

ASHKAN, who’s unique style is known to all, has prepared yet another hit track for you. We are proud to announce that this surprise track will be released Exclusively on very soon! Stay tuned for more info!

Stay Tuned for the most anticipated music video of the decade, Googoosh & Ebi together, soon on Bia2!

Welcome Chris Garcia to Bia2

Bia2 is thrilled and proud to announce the addition of yet another world renowned DJ and Producer to its team; Dj Chris Garcia! Chris will be the host and producer of a new podcast titled “Extravaganza” on!


Chris Garcia….

Making Each Year Count, 150 gigs at a time….

“I remember the feeling.  I remember getting Goosebumps listening to my father entertain crowds and saying, ‘I need to do that some day.’”  To move an audience – both literally and figuratively.  Move them to dance, move them to sweat, and move them to have memorable moments that last a lifetime.  Babies were made listening to Chris Garcia’s style of sexy tech house and groovy melodies.  Somewhere along the way “Nice to meet you” becomes “I do.”  

The easiest way to understand how far Garcia has come since landing in the States ten years ago is to pay close attention to the venues he has played.  From opening the main stage at EDC in 2012, to the BPM festival in 2013. Chris has headlined nine of the top ten grossing venues in America, and more than half of the top 50. With headliner residencies at Playhouse in Los Angeles, Vessel in San Francisco, Set in Miami, Sutra in Orange County, and plenty of others. 

While his preference for musical style is always deeper sexier and more subtle house music, living in Las Vegas forced him to adapt his style to give him the depth to play with mainstream commercial acts like Avicii, David Guetta, Afrojack, Steve Angello, Tiesto, and Deadmau5. 

Garcia excels when he has the opportunity to play with DJs and producers whose playing style is similar to his, so he has matched up well when he played alongside Luciano, Jamie Jones, Steve Lawler, Dubfire, and The Martinez Brothers.

Regardless of preference, there is a great deal of pride that Garcia has in working in as many countries, cities, and venues as he has – and being stretched to play the variety of styles asked of him.  That range brought him to over 150 gigs last year in venues averaging capacity of well over 1,000. 

His endless desire to create and improve led Garcia to the studio to try his hand at production in 2009.  Since then, Chris has had several top 10 hits in Europe after signing with Universal Music.  His recognition as a worldwide talent began at remake of “Rhythm of the Night” entered the coveted Top 100 Singles chart in France in July of 2010 and stayed on the chart until February 2011.   The track received massive play by DJs in the U.S. and was played on a weekly basis at Amnesia for almost 8,000 attendees.  

In 2013, Chris has just released two new surprisingly underground remixes on Bob Sinclar’s Africanism label.  Both “Fluto” and “Together Forever” represent a sound that is closer to what his fans expect from his late night sets. 

To round out his worldwide reach, Garcia had his own show on Radio FG in 2010, alongside fellow DJs Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, and Bob Sinclar.  Garcia’s podcast, downloaded by thousands of fans worldwide, features live mixes from club and pool sets, as well as releases of his newest tracks.  


Jamshid - Sanieh Ha (Album Coming Soon)

Jamshid has put together a brand new album called “Sanieh Ha” which will be released soon by Avang Records music label on Bia2, iTunes and World Wide.

Jamshid will also be releasing a new music video from this album, so stay tuned for Bia2’s World Premiere very soon!!


Fash & Arash Seda - Remix Contest

Djs, Producers and music lovers! Farshad Farsian (a.k.a FASH) and Arash Seda invite all of you to remix their new track for a chance to turn it into a music video and be released world wide! 

Download the remix pack by clicking HERE

You can email your Remixes to them directly at:


Here’s what they had to say about this project:

Hey friends my debut music ”Tanhai” is almost ready and its turning out awesome …hers is the Remix Pack for all you producers u can remix it in any way and any genre that you want…and the best remix will get a video mashup released worldwide …so get crazy with it 
waiting on your remixes so get busy ….

Best Regards 


دوستان عزیزم، همونطور که میدونید موزیک ویدیو “تنهایی”من در حال اتمام هست و از نتیجش بسیار راضیم.اولین ویدیو من هست و میخواستم که سنگ تموم بذارم. که با کمک دوستانم فکر کنم تونستیم اتفاقات جدیدی راه بندازیم. اینم ریمیکس پک آهنگ تنهایی برای دوست دارانی که دوست دارن ریمیکس کنن این تراک رو. به بهترین آهنگ ریمیکس شده یه ویدیو اختصاص میدیم که پخش جهانی خواهد شد. یعنی ورژن ریمیکس شده اونها به صورت ویدیو پخش میشه. منتظر کاراتون هستم. برای دانلود فایل ریمیکس پَک (Remix Pack) فقط باید پیج منو لایک کنید و پوشه اون ظاهر میشه. منتظر کارهای خلاقانه شما هستم. هیچ محدودیتی هم نداره به هر سبکی که دوست دارید کار کنید. 


فرشاد فارسیان

Black Cats - Cheghad Asheghetam

Edvin, from the famous group Black Cats has prepared his new music with Payam Shams and video with the talented Alex Ferra titled “Cheghad Asheghetam”. Stay tuned for the Exclusive World Premiere of “Cheghad Asheghetam” soon on!


Shahram Solati - Honey

Shahram Solati has collaborated with Avang Music record label for his new music and video “Honey” which will be releasing Exclusively on this Sunday at 10am Los Angeles time. Stay tuned for the World Premiere!